Definition for DIS-JUNC'TIVE


  1. Separating; disjoining.
  2. Incapable of union. [Unusual.] – Grew.
  3. In grammar, a disjunctive conjunction or connective, is a word which unites sentences or the parts of discourse in construction, but disjoins the sense, noting an alternative or opposition; as, I love him, or I fear him; I neither love him, nor fear him.
  4. In logic, a disjunctive proposition, is one in which the parts are opposed to each other, by means of disjunctives; as, it is either day or night. A disjunctive syllogism, is when the major proposition is disjunctive; the earth moves in a circle, or an ellipse; but it does not move in a circle, therefore it moves in an ellipsis. – Watts.

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