Definition for DISK

DISK, n. [L. discus. See Dish and Desk.]

  1. The body and face of the sun, moon, or a planet, as it appears to us on the earth; or the body and face of the earth as it appears to a spectator in the moon. – Newton. Dryden.
  2. A quoit; a piece of stone, iron or copper, inclining to an oval figure, which the ancients hurled by the help of a leathern thong tied round the person's hand, and put through a hole in the middle. Some whirl the disk and some the jav'lin dart. – Pope.
  3. In botany, the whole surface of a leaf; the central part of a radiate compound flower. – Martyn. Certain bodies or projections situated between the base of the stamens and the base of the ovary, but forming part with neither. – Lindley.

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