Definition for DI-VER'SION

DI-VER'SION, n. [Fr. from L. diverto, to divert.]

  1. The act of turning aside from any course, as the diversion of a stream from its usual channel; the diversion of a purpose to another object; the diversion of the mind from business or study.
  2. That which diverts; that which turns or draws the mind from care, business or study, and thus relaxes and amuses; sport; play; pastime; whatever unbends the mind; as, the diversions of youth. Works of wit and humor furnish an agreeable diversion to the studious.
  3. In war, the act of drawing the attention and force of an enemy from the point where the principal attack is to made, as by an attack or alarm on one wing of an army, when the other wing or center is intended for the principle attack. The enemy, if deceived, is thus induced to withdraw a part of his force from the part where his foe intends to make the main impression.

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