Definition for DI-VIN'I-TY

DI-VIN'I-TY, n. [L. divinitas; Fr. divinité; It. divinità; Sp. divinidad; from divinus, divus.]

  1. The state of being divine; Deity; God head; the nature or essence of God. Christians ascribe divinity to one Supreme Being only.
  2. God; the Deity; the Supreme Being. 'Tis the Divinity that stirs within us. – Addison.
  3. A false God; a pretended deity of pagans. Beastly divinities, and droves of gods. – Prior.
  4. A celestial being, inferior to the Supreme God, but superior to man. Many nations believe in these inferior divinities.
  5. Something supernatural. They say there is divinity in odd numbers. – Shak.
  6. The science of divine things; the science which unfolds the character of God, his laws and moral government, the duties of man, and the way of salvation; theology; as, the study of divinity; a system of divinity.

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