Definition for DI-VI'SION

DI-VI'SION, n. [s as z; L. divisio, from divido, divisi. See Divide.]

  1. The act of dividing or separating into parts, any entire body.
  2. The state of being divided.
  3. That which divides or separates; that which keeps apart; partition.
  4. The part separated from the rest by a partition or line, real or imaginary; as, the divisions of a field.
  5. A separate body of men; as, communities and divisions of men. – Addison.
  6. A part or distinct portion; as, the divisions of a discourse.
  7. A part of an army or militia; a body consisting of a certain number of brigades, usually two, and commanded by a major-general. But the term is often applied to other bodies or portions of an army, as to a brigade, a squadron or platoon.
  8. A part of a fleet, or a select number of ships under a commander, and distinguished by a particular flag or pendant.
  9. Disunion; discord; variance; difference. There was a division among the people. – John vii.
  10. Space between the notes of music, or the dividing of the tones. – Johnson. Bailey.
  11. Distinction. I will put a division between my people and thy people. – Ex. viii.
  12. The separation of voters in a legislative house.
  13. In arithmetic, the dividing of a number or quantity into any parts assigned; or the rule by which is found how many times one number is contained in another.

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