Definition for DOG

DOG, n. [Fr. dogue, a bull dog or mastif; se doguer, to butt; Arm. dog or dogues; D. dog; probably, the runner or starter.]

  1. A species of quadrupeds, belonging to the genus Canis, of many varieties, as the mastif, the hound, the spaniel, the shepherd's dog, the terrier, the harrier, the bloodhound, &c.
  2. It is used for male, when applied to several other animals; as, a dog-fox; a dog-otter; dog-ape. – Dryden. It is prefixed to other words, denoting what is mean, degenerate or worthless; as, dog-rose. – Johnson.
  3. An andiron, so named from the figure of a dog's head on the top. [Russ. tagan.]
  4. A term of reproach or contempt given to a man.
  5. A constellation called Sirius or Canicula. [See Dog-day.]
  6. An iron hook or bar with a sharp fang, used by seamen. – Mar. Dict.
  7. An iron used by sawyers to fasten a log of timber in a saw-pit.
  8. A gay young man; a buck. [Not in use.] – Johnson. To give or throw to the dogs, is to throw away, as useless. To go to the dogs, is to be ruined.

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