Definition for DOVE

DOVE, n. [Sax. duua; Goth. dubo; D. duif; G. taube; Dan. due; Sw. dufva; Ice. dufa; Gypsy, tovadei; Hindoo, tubbeter; Scot. dow; probably from cooing, Heb. דכב, to murmur, or Ar. هَتَفَ‎ hatafa, to coo, as a dove.]

  1. The popular name of several species of Columba of Linnæus, a genus of fowls of his order Passeres, most of which are called Pigeons. The different species, which are popularly called Doves, are distinguished by some additional term prefixed.
  2. A word of endearment, or an emblem of innocence. – Cant. ii. 14.

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