Definition for DRENCH

DRENCH, v.t. [Sax. drencean, to drench, to soak, to inebriate, and drencan, to drink, to give drink; drenc, drench, and drink; D. drenken; G. tränken, to water, to soak; Sw. dränckia, to plunge, to soak; Scot. drouk; W. troci. Drench, drink, drown, and probably drag, are from the same root. See Drink and Drag.]

  1. To wet thoroughly; to soak; to fill or cover with water or other liquid; as, garments drenched in rain or in the sea; the flood has drenched the earth; swords drenched in blood.
  2. To saturate with drink. – Shak.
  3. To purge violently. – Mortimer.

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