Definition for DRINK

DRINK, v.i. [pret. and pp. drank. Old pret. and pp. drunk; pp. drunken; Sax. drincan, drican, drycian; Goth. dragyan, to give drink; D. drinken; G. trinken; Sw. dricka; Dan. drikker, to drink; Sp. tragar, Port. id., to swallow; trago, a draught. The latter, and probably drink, is from drawing, or the latter may be more nearly allied to W. trochi, or troçi, to plunge, bathe, immerse. Drink and drench are radically the same word, and probably drown. We observe that n is not radical.]

  1. To swallow liquor, for quenching thirst or other purpose; as, to drink of the brook. Ye shall indeed drink of my cup. – Matth. xx.
  2. To take spirituous liquors to excess; to be intemperate in the use of spirituous liquors; to be a habitual drunkard. – Pope.
  3. To feast; to be entertained with liquors. – Shak. To drink to, to salute in drinking; to invite to drink by drinking first; as, I drink to your grace. – Shak. #2. To wish well to, in the act of taking the cup. – Shak.

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