Definition for DRY'

DRY', a. [Sax. dri, drig, or dryg; D. droog; G. trocken. See the Verb.]

  1. Destitute of moisture; free from water or wetness; arid; not moist; as, dry land; dry clothes.
  2. Not rainy; free from rain or mist; as, dry weather; a dry March or April.
  3. Not juicy; free from juice, sap, or aqueous matter; not green; as, dry wood; dry stubble; dry hay; dry leaves.
  4. Without tears; as, dry eyes; dry mourning. – Dryden.
  5. Not giving milk; as, the cow is dry.
  6. Thirsty; craving drink.
  7. Barren; jejune; plain; unembellished; destitute of pathos, or of that which amuses and interests; as, a dry style; a dry subject; a dry discussion.
  8. Severe sarcastic; wiping; as, a dry remark or repartee; a dry rub. – Goodman.
  9. Severe; wiping; as, a dry blow; a dry basting. See the Verb, which signifies properly to wipe, rub, scour. – Bacon. Dry goods, in commerce, cloths, stuffs, silks, laces, ribins, &c., in distinction from groceries.

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