Definition for DRY'NESS


  1. Destitution of moisture; want of water or other fluid; siccity; aridity; aridness; as, the dryness of a soil; dryness of the road.
  2. Want of rain; as, dryness of weather.
  3. Want of juice or succulence; as, dryness of the bones or fibers. – Arbuthnot.
  4. Want of succulence or greenness; as, the dryness of hay or corn.
  5. Barrenness; jejuneness; want of ornament or pathos; want of that which enlivens and entertains; as, the dryness of style or expression; the dryness of a subject.
  6. Want of feeling or sensibility in devotion; want of ardor; as, dryness of spirit. – Taylor.

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