Definition for AC-QUIRE'

AC-QUIRE', v.t. [L. acquiro, ad and quæro, to seek, that is to follow, to press, to urge; acquiro signifies to pursue to the end or object; Fr. acquerir; Sp. adquirir; Ar. قرَاَ kara; Heb. הקר to seek, to make toward, to follow. The L. quæsivi, unless contracted, is probably from a different root. See class Gr. and Gs.]

To gain, by any means, something which is in a degree permanent, or which becomes vested or inherent in the possessor; as, to acquire a title, estate, learning, habits, skill, dominion, &c. Plants acquire a green color from the solar rays. A mere temporary possession is not expressed by acquire, but by gain, obtain, procure; as, to obtain [not acquire] a book on loan. Descent is the title whereby a man, on the death of his ancestor, acquires his estate, by right of representation, as his heir at law. – Blackstone.

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