Definition for ADD

ADD, v.t. [L. addo, from ad and do, to give.]

  1. To set or put together, join, or unite; as, one thing or sum to another, in an aggregate; as, add three to four, the sum is seven.
  2. To unite in idea or consideration; to subjoin; as, to what has been alledged, let this argument be added.
  3. To increase number. Thou shalt add three cities more of refuge. – Deut. xix.
  4. To augment. Rehoboam said, I will add to your yoke. – 1 Kings xii. Ye shall not add to the word which I command you. – Deut. iv. As here used, the verb is intransitive, but there may be an ellipsis. To add to, is used in Scripture, as equivalent to give, or bestow upon. Gen. xxx. Matt. vi. In Gal. ii. the word is understood to signify instruction, "In conference they added nothing to me." In narration, he or they added, is elliptical; he added words, or what follows, or he continued his discourse. In general, when used of things, add implies a principal thing, to which a smaller is to be annexed, as a part of the whole sum, mass, or number.

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