Definition for AD-MIRE'

AD-MIRE', v.t. [L. admiror, ad and miror, to wonder; Sp. and Port. admirar; Fr. admirer; It. ammirare; Fr. mirer, to look, to take aim; Corn. miras, to look, see, or face; Arm. miret, to stop, hold, keep; W. mir, visage; also fair, comely; and maer, one that looks after, keeps or guards, a mayor, or bailif; Russ. zamirayu, to be astonished or stupefied; za, a prefix, and mir, peace; miryu, to pacify; zamiriayu, to make peace. The primary sense is to hold, to stop, or strain. Ch. and Syr. דמר; L. demiror. See Moor and Mar.]

  1. To regard with wonder or surprise, mingled with approbation, esteem, reverence or affection. When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and be admired in all them that love him. – 2 Thess. i. This word has been used in an ill sense, but seems now correctly restricted to the sense here given, and implying something great, rare or excellent, in the object admired.
  2. To regard with affection; a familiar term for to love greatly.

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