Definition for AF-FAIR'

AF-FAIR', n. [Fr. affaire, from faire, to make or do; L. facere; Sp. hacer; It. fare. The primary sense of facio is to urge, drive, impel.]

  1. Business of any kind; that which is done, or is to be done, a word of very indefinite and undefinable signification. In the plural, it denotes transactions in general; as, human affairs; political or ecclesiastical affairs; also the business or concerns of an individual; as, his affairs are embarrassed.
  2. Matters; state; condition of business or concerns. I have sent that ye may know our affairs. – Eph. vi.
  3. In the singular, it is used for a private dispute, or duel; as, an affair of honor; and sometimes a partial engagement of troops. In the phrase, at the head of affairs, the word means, the public concerns of executing the laws, and administering the government. – Junius.

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