Definition for AF-FEC'TION


  1. The state of being affected. [Little used.]
  2. Passion; but more generally,
  3. A bent of mind towards a particular object, holding a middle place between disposition, which is natural, and passion, which is excited by the presence of its exciting object. Affection is a permanent bent of the mind, formed by the presence of an object, or by some act of another person, and existing without the presence of its object. – Encyc.
  4. In a more particular sense, a settled good-will, love or zealous attachment; as, the affection of a parent for his child. It was formerly followed by to or toward, but is now more generally followed by for.
  5. Desire; inclination; propensity; good or evil; as, virtuous or vile affections. – Rom. i. Gal. 5.
  6. In a general sense, an attribute, quality or property, which is inseparable from its object; as, love, fear and hope are affections of the mind; figure, weight, &c., are affections of bodies.
  7. Among physicians, a disease, or any particular morbid state of the body; as, a gouty affection; hysteric affection.
  8. In painting, a lively representation of passion. Shakspeare uses the word for affectation; but this use is not legitimate.

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