Definition for AF-FLICT'

AF-FLICT', v.t. [L. affligo, afflicto, of ad and fligo, to strike; Eng. flog; Gr. Eol. φλεγω, to strike; Gr. πληγη, L. plaga, a stroke; Goth. flekan, to strike. Hence, Ger. flegel; D. vlegel; Engl. flail, g being suppressed; L. flagellum. See Flog.]

  1. To give to the body or mind pain which is continued or of some permanence; to grieve, or distress; as, one is afflicted with the gout, or with melancholy, or with losses and misfortunes. They afflict thy heritage, O Lord. – Ps. xcv.
  2. To trouble; to harass; to distress.

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