Definition for A-LONG'

A-LONG', adv. [Sax. and-lang or ond-lang; Fr. au long, le long. See Long. The Saxons always prefixed and or ond and the sense seems to be, by the length, or opposite the length, or in the direction of the length.]

  1. By the length; lengthwise; in a line with the length; as, the troops marched along the bank of the river, or along the highway. – 1 Sam. vi.
  2. Onward; in a line, or with a progressive motion; as, meteor glides along the sky; let us walk along. All along signifies the whole length; through the whole distance; in the whole way or length. Ishmael went forth, weeping all along as he went. – Jer. xli. 1 Sam. xxviii. Along with signifies in company; joined with; as, go along with us. Sometimes with is omitted. Come then, my friend, my genius, come along. – Pope. Along side, in seaman's language, that is, by the length or in a line with the side, signifies side by side, as by another ship, or by the side of a wharf. Along shore, is by the shore or coast, lengthwise, and near the shore. Lying along, is lying on the side, or pressed down by the weight of sail. – Mar. Dict.

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