Definition for AL-THOUGH

AL-THOUGH, v. [altho'; obs. verb, or used only in the imperative. all and though; from Sax. thah, or theah; Ir. daighim, to give; Ger. doch; D. dog; Sw. doch, and endoch; Dan. dog, though. See Though.]

Grant all this; be it so; allow all; suppose that; admit all that; as, "although the fig-tree shall not blossom." Hab. iii. That is, grant, admit, or suppose what follows–"the fig-tree shall not blossom." It is a transitive verb, and admits after it the definitive that–although that the fig-tree shall not blossom; but this use of the verb has been long obsolete. The word may be defined by notwithstanding, non obstante; as not opposing may be equivalent to admitting or supposing.

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