Definition for A-NAT'O-MY

A-NAT'O-MY, n. [Gr. ανατομη, of ανα, through, and τομη, a cutting.]

  1. The art of dissecting, or artificially separating the different parts of an animal body, to discover their situation, structure and economy.
  2. The doctrine of the structure of the body, learned by dissection; as, a physician understands anatomy.
  3. The act of dividing any thing, corporeal or intellectual, for the purpose of examining its parts; as, the anatomy of a plant, or of a discourse.
  4. The body stripped of its integuments and muscles; a skeleton, or the corporeal frame of bones entire, without the skin, flesh and vessels: an improper use of the word, and vulgar.
  5. Ironically, a meager person.

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