Definition for AN'GLIC, or AN'GLI-CAN

AN'GLIC, or AN'GLI-CAN, a. [From Angles, Sax. ing, a plain or meadow, and lic, like, or εικος, like, which is the root of the L. icus, in publicus, and all similar adjectives. From ing, was formed Angles, the English, to which is added this common affix, ic. The Angles, were the Ingævones, of Tacitus, ing-woners, dwellers on the plain or level land, near the Elbe and Weser. (See English and Wont.) Ing is annexed to many English names, as Reading, Basing, Kettering, towns situated on flat land.]

English; pertaining to England or the English nation; as, the Anglican church. – Pinkerton.

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