Definition for AN'GUISH

AN'GUISH, n. [Fr. angoisse; It. angoscia; Sp. ansia; Port. angustia, showing the direct derivation of this word from L. angustia, narrowness, from pressure; D. and G. angst; Dan. angest. This and a numerous class of words are from the root ang, eng, denoting narrow, from pressure. See Anger.]

Extreme pain, either of body or mind. As bodily pain, it may differ from agony, which is such distress of the whole body as to cause contortion, whereas anguish may be a local pain, as of an ulcer, or gout. But anguish and agony are nearly synonymous. As pain of the mind, it signifies any keen distress from sorrow, remorse, despair and the kindred passions. And they hearkened not to Moses, for anguish of spirit, and for cruel bondage. – Ex. vi.

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