Definition for AN'I-MAL

AN'I-MAL, a.

That belongs or relates to animals; as, animal functions. Animal is distinguished from intellectual; as, animal appetites, the appetites of the body, as hunger and thirst. The animal functions, are touch, taste, motion, &c. Animal life is opposed to vegetable life. Animal is opposed also to spiritual or rational, which respects the soul and reasoning faculties; as, animal nature, spiritual nature, rational nature. Animal food may signify that food which nourishes animals; but it usually denotes food consisting of animal flesh. Animal economy is the system of laws by which the bodies of animals are governed, and depending on their organic structure. Animal spirit is a name given to the nervous fluid. Animal spirits in the plural, life, vigor, energy. Animal system, or animal kingdom, denotes the whole class of beings endowed with animal life. – Encyc. Johnson.

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