Definition for AN'ISE

AN'ISE, n. [an'nis; L. anisum; Gr. ανιζον; Ar. ainison. Cast. 1619.]

An annual plant, placed by Linnæus under the genus Pimpinella. It grows naturally in Egypt, and is cultivated in Spain and Malta, whence the seeds are imported. The stalk rises a foot and a half high, dividing into slender branches, garnished with narrow leaves, cut into three or four narrow segments. The branches terininate in large loose umbels, composed of smaller umbels or rays, on long footstalks. The flowers are small, and of a yellowish white; the seeds oblong and swelling. Anise seeds have an aromatic smell, and a pleasant warm taste; they are useful in warming the stomach and expelling wind. – Encyc. Theoph. lib. 7. 3. Plin. 20. 17.

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