Definition for A-NON'

A-NON', adv. [Sax. on an, in one; not, as Junius supposes, in one minute, but in continuation, without intermission; applied originally to extension in measure, and then to time by analogy. “And sædon that hi sægon on north-east, fu micel and brad with thone earthe and weax on lengthe up an on to tham wolcne.” Sax. Chron. A. D. 1022. And they said that they saw in the north-east a great fire and broad, near the earth, and it increased in length in continuation to the clouds. See also An. Dom. 1127.]

  1. Quickly; without intermission; soon; immediately. The same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it. – Matth. xiii.
  2. Sometimes; now and then; at other times; accompanied with ever, ever and anon.

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