Definition for AP-PAR'EL

AP-PAR'EL, n. [Fr. appareil, from parer, to dress or set off; Sp. aparejar; L. paro, apparo, to prepare; Arm. para; Port. aparelho, Sp. aparejo, tackle, whence parrel in seaman's language; Ch. Heb. ברא, bara; Ar. بَرَا, bara. Class Br. No. 8. 10. 19.]

  1. Clothing; vesture; garments; dress.
  2. External habiliments or decorations; appearance; as, religion appears in the natural apparel of simplicity. Glorious in apparel. Isa. lxiii.
  3. The furniture of a ship, as sails, rigging, anchors, &c.

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