Definition for AP-PEAL'

AP-PEAL', v.i. [Fr. appeler; It. appellare; Sp. apelar; Port. appellar; L. appello; ad and pello, to drive or send; Gr. βαλλω. We do not see the sense of call in pello, but to drive or press out, is the radical sense of calling, naming. This word coincides in elements with L. balo, Eng. bawl, and peal. Class Bl.]

  1. To refer to a superior judge or court, for the decision of a cause depending, or the revision of a cause decided in a lower court. I appeal to Cesar. Acts xxi.
  2. To refer to another for the decision of a question controverted, or the counteraction of testimony or facts; as, I appeal to all mankind for the truth of what is alledged.

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