Definition for AP'PLE

AP'PLE, a. [Sax. appl, appil; D. appel; Ger. apfel; Dan. æble; Sw. aple; W. aval; Ir. abhal or ubhal; Arm. aval; Russ. iabloko, or yabloko. This word primarily signifies fruit in general, especially of a round form. In Pers. the same word اَبْهَلْ pronounced ubhul, signifies the fruit or berries of the savin or juniper. Castle. In Welsh it signifies not only the apple, but the plum and other fruits. Lhuyde. Aval melynhir, a lemon; aval euraid, an orange. – Owen.]

  1. The fruit of the apple tree, [Pyrus malus,] from which cider is made.
  2. The apple of the eye is the pupil. Apple of love, or love apple, the tomato, or lycopersicum, a species of Solanum. The stalk is herbaceous, with oval, pinnated leaves, and small yellow flowers. The berry is smooth, soft, of a yellow or reddish color, of the size of a plum. It is used in soups and broths. – Encyc.

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