Definition for AR-TIC-U-LA'TION


  1. In anatomy, the joining or juncture of the bones. This is of three kinds: 1st, diarthrosis, or a movable connection, including enarthrosis, or the ball and socket joint; arthrodia, which is the same, but more superficial; ginglymus, or hinge-like joint; and trochoid, or the wheel and axle: 2nd, synarthrosis, immovable connection, as by suture, or junction by serrated margins; harmony, or union by straight margins; and gomphosis, like a nail driven in a board, as the teeth in their sockets: 3rd, symphysis, or union by means of another substance; as, synchondrosis, union by a cartilage; syssarcosis, union by muscular fibres; synneurosis, union by a tendon; syndesmosis, union by ligaments; and synostosis, union by a bony substance. – Quincy. Coxe.
  2. In botany, the connection of the parts of a plant by joints; also the nodes or joints, as in cane and maiz. – Encyc.
  3. The forming of words; a distinct utterance of syllables and words by the human voice, by means of closing and opening the organs.
  4. A consonant; a letter noting a jointing or closing of the organs.

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