Definition for ASK

ASK, v.t. [Sax. ascian, acsian, or axian; D. eischen; G. heischen; Ir. ascaim; Gr. αξιοω. Qu. Eth. አሰኩ asku, to pray or beseech. In former times, the English word was pronounced ax, as in the royal style of assenting to bills in Parliament. “Be it as it is axed.” In Calmuc, asoc signifies to inquire. The sense is to urge or press.]

  1. To request; to seek to obtain by words; to petition; with of in the sense of from, before the person to whom the request is made. Ask counsel of God. Judges xviii.
  2. To require, expect or claim. To whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. Luke xii.
  3. To interrogate, or inquire; to put a question, with a view to an answer. He is of age, ask him. – John ix.
  4. To require, or make claim. Ask me never so much dowry. – Gen. xxxiv. Dan. ii.
  5. To claim, require or demand, as the price or value of a commodity; to set a price; as, what price do you ask?
  6. To require, as physically necessary. The exigence of a state asks a much longer time to conduct the design to maturity. – Addison. This sense is nearly or entirely obsolete; ask being superseded by require and demand.
  7. To invite; as, to ask guests to a wedding or entertainment; ask my friend to step into the house.

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