Definition for AS-SIGN

AS-SIGN, v.t. [assīne; Fr. assigner; Sp. asignar; Port. assinar; It. assegnare; L. assigno, of ad and signo, to allot, to mark out; Ir. sighin; L. signum, a mark. The primary sense of sign is to send, or to set.]

  1. To allot; to appoint or grant by distribution or apportionment. The priests had a portion assigned them. Gen. xlvii.
  2. To designate or appoint for a particular purpose. They assigned Bezer, a city of refuge. – Josh. xx.
  3. To fix, specify or designate; as, an assigned quantity.
  4. To make or set over; to transfer, sell or convey, by writing, as by indorsing a note, or by any writing on a separate paper.
  5. To alledge or show in particular; as, to assign a reason for one's conduct.
  6. In law, to show or set forth with particularity; as, to assign error in a writ; to assign false judgment.

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