Definition for AT-TAINT

AT-TAINT, v.t. [See Attainder.]

  1. To taint or corrupt; to extinguish the pure or inheritable blood of a person found guilty of treason or felony, by confession, battle, or verdict, and consequent sentence of death, or by special act of Parliament. No person shall be attainted of high treason where corruption of blood is incurred, but by the oath of two witnesses, &c. – Stat. 7 and 8, Will. III.
  2. To taint, as the credit of jurors, convicted of giving a false verdict. This is done by special writ of attaint. The conviction of such crime attaints the reputation of jurors, and renders them infamous.
  3. To disgrace; to cloud with infamy; to stain. – Spenser.
  4. To taint or corrupt. – Shak.

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