Definition for A-VER'SION

A-VER'SION, n. [Fr. aversion, from L. averto.]

  1. Opposition or repugnance of mind; dislike; disinclination; reluctance; hatred. Usually this word expresses moderate hatred, or opposition of mind, not amounting to abhorrence or detestation. It ought generally to be followed by to before the object. [See Averse.] Sometimes it admits of for. A freeholder is bred with an aversion to subjection. – Addison.
  2. Opposition or contrariety of nature; applied to inanimate substances. Magnesia, notwithstanding this aversion to solution, forms a kind of paste with water. – Fourcroy, Trans.
  3. The cause of dislike. Pain their aversion, pleasure their desire. – Pope.

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