Definition for HAUGH'TY

HAUGH'TY, a. [hau'ty; from haught, Fr. haut.]

  1. Proud and disdainful; having a high opinion of one's self, with some contempt for others; lofty and arrogant; supercilious. His wife was a woman of a haughty and imperious nature. Clarendon. A haughty spirit goeth before a fall. Prov. xvi.
  2. Proceeding from excessive pride, or pride mingled with contempt; manifesting pride and disdain; as, a haughty air or walk.
  3. Proud and imperious; as, a haughty nation.
  4. Lofty; bold; of high hazard; as, a haughty enterprise. [Obs.] Spenser.

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