Definition for HOST

HOST, n. [Fr. hôte, for hoste; It. oste; Sp. huesped; Port. hospede; and L. hostis, a stranger, an enemy, probably of the same family. See Hospitable. The sense is a stranger or foreigner, that is, a wanderer or traveler, from some root signifying to wander, to go or pass, or to visit. See Class Gs, No. 5, 14, 16.]

  1. One who entertains another at his own house, without reward. Homer never entertained guests or hosts with long speeches. Sidney.
  2. One who entertains another at his house for reward; an innkeeper; a landlord.
  3. A guest; one who is entertained at the house of another. The innkeeper says of the traveler, he has a good host, and the traveler says of his landlord, he has a kind host. [See Guest.] Encyc.

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