Definition for By

by, prep. [OE.] (webplay: battles, “day by day”, fire, force, good, great, heaven, hour, house, land, line, live, longer, “pass by”, present, risen, rules, sea, space, “stands by”, sun, “swear by”, time, water, work, “year by year”).

  1. For; according to; in the opinion of.
  2. As much as; in the quantity of.
  3. Using; through means of.
  4. Because of; as a result of; [agent marker for passive constructions.]
  5. In accordance with; in conjunction with; as a result of; on the basis of.
  6. From the action of; with the agency of.
  7. In increments of.
  8. Employing; in use of.
  9. After; following in succession.
  10. Contiguous to; parallel with; in contrast with.
  11. Upon.
  12. In the course of; in the process of.
  13. Beside; near; next to; close to; in the proximity of.
  14. On; according to; as shown on.
  15. Along; through.
  16. In; during; at the time of.
  17. Phrase. “By way of/by means of”: through; using.
  18. Phrase. “By no means”: never; no way.
  19. Phrase. “By far”: easily; without question.

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