Definition for Good

good, adj. [OE god; NW adds Russ. godnei, fit, suitable.] (webplay: fit, good will, pleasant, safe, valuable).

  1. High moral quality.
  2. Undamaged.
  3. Pleasant.
  4. Beneficial; useful; fit; appropriate.
  5. Successful; victorious.
  6. Favorable.
  7. Kind; harmless; not alarming; humane.
  8. Earnest; altruistic; dear; selfless; well-wishing.
  9. Valuable.
  10. Safe; secure.
  11. Equally satisfactory; no better than.
  12. Loyal; trusting.
  13. Valiant; uncorrupted.
  14. Phrase. “Good Evening”: hail; [salutation for night time].
  15. Phrase. “Good Morning”: hello.
  16. Phrase. “Good Day”: wellness; health.

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