Lexicon: god – good

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god (-s), n. [see God, proper n.] (webplay: deity).

  1. Leader; vanguard; soldier; angel; divine being.
  2. Divinity; supernatural power; spiritual being.
  3. Idol; treasure; prized possession; precious item; object of worship; [fig.] dear one; deceased loved one.

God (-'s), proper n. [OE < Indo-European gheu, to invoke, or to pour, offer sacrifice.] (webplay: angel, chief, deity, honor, infinite, Jehovah, sovereign, supreme, universe).

  1. Deity; divine personage that hears and answers prayers; (see ED letters).
  2. Heavenly Father; loving ruler of heaven; the steward of the afterlife; the receiver of the righteous dead into paradise.
  3. Holy One; Supreme Being; omnipotent one; divine judge of humanity; all-knowing deity with the power to correctly judge the acts of those who have died; just Father with the authority to righteously judge His children; [fig.] embodiment of truth.
  4. Creator; maker of the universe; immortal progenitor of humanity; (see Genesis 1:1).
  5. Phrase. “Oh God”: no; it can't be; please help; expression of desperation.
  6. Phrase. “God forbid”: may it not be that; may God not allow that.
  7. Phrase. “God have mercy”: ritual words that judges speak when announcing a death sentence.
  8. Phrase. “Son of God” (see son, n.): Savior; Redeemer; Jesus Christ (Matthew 26:63); divine man who experienced suffering, mediated sin, and overcame death for all humankind because he is the offspring of an eternal father and a mortal mother; (see Daniel 3:25; Matthew 4:3).
  9. Phrase. “God the Son”: Emmanuel (Matthew 1:23); the promised Messiah; the Savior of the world; first-born only-begotten child of Heavenly Father and Mary of Nazareth.
  10. Phrase. “Thank God”: praise be to the Lord that; give thanks to the Father because.
  11. Phrase. “God bless”: may the Lord reward; praise be to the Lord because of.

goer by, n. [see go, v. and by, adv./prep.]

Phrase. “Goer by”: passerby; random observer.

Golconda, proper n. [Telugu golla + konda, shepherd's hill.]

Hyderabad; kingdom in southern India; one of the five Muslim Sultanates; region celebrated for its diamonds in the 16th and 17th centuries; [fig.] wealth.

gold, adj. [see gold, n.]

  1. Gilt; aureate; brightly-colored.
  2. Yellow.
  3. Sunny; beaming; shining; fair; radiant; refulgent.
  4. Excellent; burnished; refined; polished; worthwhile; most valuable; [fig.] purifying; spiritually sanctifying.

gold (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Treasure; [fig.] sunlight; yellow radiance; hue of shining color.
  2. Prize; hoard; reward; cache of precious metal.
  3. Ingot; bullion; valuable yellow ore; most precious metal; heavy malleable metallic element that does not easily oxidize.
  4. Brilliance; brightness; [fig.] genius; power; strength; beauty; [metaphor] eloquence; poetry; pure intelligence; language fitly spoken (see Proverbs 25:11).
  5. Money; wealth; riches.
  6. Light; glory; spiritual fire.
  7. Value; great worth; [fig.] amity; kindness; cordiality; personal warmth; thoughtful expression.
  8. Pure element of great worth that alchemists tried to fabricate; [fig.] magic; true love; pure affection; romantic attraction.
  9. Yellow covering; saffron material; [fig.] pollen.
  10. Ring; wedding band; token made of fine metal; [fig.] royalty; Deity; godliness; holiness; sanctity.
  11. Ore; nugget; [fig.] truth; verity; the real thing; the highest standard; not “fool's gold”; the more valuable substance.

golden, adj. [see gold, n.]

  1. Bright; [fig.] hopeful; promising; blessed; favorable.
  2. Made of gold; consisting of gold.
  3. Sunny; beaming; shining; fair; radiant; refulgent.
  4. Yellow.
  5. Bright; brilliant; [fig.] extraordinary; highly intelligent; [metaphor] poetic; lyrical; aesthetically powerful.
  6. Fully sweet; completely ready.
  7. Glowing; [fig.] ageless; timeless; eternal; heavenly.
  8. Rich; [fig.] carnivorous; high-protein; animal-based.
  9. Warm; [fig.] royal; regal; kingly.
  10. Benevolent; kind; nurturing.
  11. Phrase. “Golden Rod”: goldenrod; yellow wildflower; plant that produces blossoms in late summer or autumn.
  12. Phrase. “the golden touch”: moment at sunset when everything is colored with yellow light; (allusion to the golden touch of Midas).
  13. Phrase. “Golden Fleece”: legendary sheepskin sought by Jason and the Argonauts; pelt of a winged ram that Hermes sent to carry two children to safety; ram's hide placed in a sacred grove and guarded by a sleepless dragon.

golden, adv. [see gold, n.]

  1. Brightly; radiantly; [fig.] vividly; lifelike.
  2. Secretly; like a treasure; [fig.] in the other world.
  3. Brightly and warmly; [the verb “Looks” may also take an adj. complement] bright; shining; splendid.

Goliah, proper n. [Heb. poss. < glh, denude, strip, exile.]

Philistine giant; champion slain by the young David with a sling and stones; [fig.] problem; hardship; enemy; personal challenge; (see 1 Samuel 17 and ED letters).

good, adj. [OE god; NW adds Russ. godnei, fit, suitable.] (webplay: fit, good will, pleasant, safe, valuable).

  1. High moral quality.
  2. Undamaged.
  3. Pleasant.
  4. Beneficial; useful; fit; appropriate.
  5. Successful; victorious.
  6. Favorable.
  7. Kind; harmless; not alarming; humane.
  8. Earnest; altruistic; dear; selfless; well-wishing.
  9. Valuable.
  10. Safe; secure.
  11. Equally satisfactory; no better than.
  12. Loyal; trusting.
  13. Valiant; uncorrupted.
  14. Phrase. “Good Evening”: hail; [salutation for night time].
  15. Phrase. “Good Morning”: hello.
  16. Phrase. “Good Day”: wellness; health.