Definition for Sea (-s)

sea (-s), n. [OE 'lake, pond, marsh'.]

  1. Ocean; large body of water; [fig.] mortality; life.
  2. Mass; nation; population; group of people; [fig.] field; expanse; landscape.
  3. God; deity.
  4. Process of dying; passage to death.
  5. Meadow; field of flowers.
  6. Darkness; night.
  7. Summer.
  8. Obstacle; challenge to overcome.
  9. Continuous body of salt water; liquid that covers the greater part of the earth's surface.
  10. World; heaven; universe; [fig.] eternity.
  11. Crowd; [fig.] collective consciousness; collection of thoughts.
  12. Tree.
  13. Essence; greatness of character; largesse of being.
  14. Emotion; hidden sentiment; feelings undisclosed to others.
  15. Personal liberty; self-appointed freedom from rules.
  16. Breeze; current.
  17. Future.
  18. Winter.
  19. Source; point of origin.
  20. Flood; river; run-off; running water.
  21. Afterlife.
  22. Discourse; language; system of communication.
  23. Phrase. “Ether Sea”: atmosphere; [kenning] the sky.

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