Definition for Soft (-er)

soft (-er), adj. [OE.]

  1. Filmy; airy; gauzy; gossamer; [fig.] veiled.
  2. Murmuring; whispered; rustling; not loud; low in volume; [fig.] prayerful; chanting.
  3. Weak; frail; ineffectual; feeble; prissy; squeamish; squishy; hyper-sensitive; puffed up.
  4. Muted; hushed; muffled; [fig.] wet; moist; damp; liquid; congealed; satiny; slick; glossy; glistening.
  5. Understated; subdued; dim; hazy; blurred.
  6. Breezy; wafting; [fig.] moist; humid.
  7. Milder; less harsh; more bearable; easier to endure.
  8. Delicate; dainty; exquisite.
  9. Luxurious; lush; cozy; fit; safe; suitable; comfortable; [fig.] pleasant; agreeable; not egregious.

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