Definition for Soft (-er)

soft (-er), adv. [see soft, adj.]

  1. Placidly; easily; gradually.
  2. Shyly; timorously; stealthily; noiselessly; not loudly; gentle-sounding.
  3. More reverently; with hesitance.
  4. Reverently; sweetly; gracefully; with devotion.
  5. Effortlessly; with less force; with diminishing energy.
  6. Quietly; noiselessly.
  7. Discreetly; circumspectly; confidentially; secretly; surreptitiously; [fig.] while eavesdropping.
  8. More slowly; [fig.] tamely; less wildly.
  9. Gently; tenderly; naturally.
  10. With stillness; without being noticed; [fig.] surreally; supernaturally; like a vision.

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