Definition for Stop (-ped, -s)

stop (-ped, -s), v. [OE 'to stop (the ears), to plug, stop up, stuff with tow or oakum'.] (webplay: action, approaches, beginning, best, brain, breath, cease, check, course, crowd, end, fast, filling, ground, knows, lip, looks, motion, move, musical, old, point, practice, road, seamanship, shut, sounds, spice, starts, strange, strings, time, water, way, wells, world).

  1. Extinguish; snuff out; cause to quit; [fig.] take away.
  2. Cease; discontinue; terminate; end.
  3. Halt; desist; abstain; pause in a course of action; abbreviate a movement; [fig.] settle down; take a break; interrupt a journey.
  4. Break down; cease functioning.
  5. Prevent; hinder; forestall; [fig.] mend; bind up.
  6. Phrase. “stop for”: cease activity to accommodate; [ambiguity] retrieve; call upon; pick up; come by for; provide transportation on behalf of.

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