Lexicon: stolid – storm

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stolid, adj. [L. 'foolish, to cause to stand still'.]

  1. Dull, stupid or foolish.
  2. Still or set.

stone (-s), n. [OE stán, wall; Gk. 'pebble'.] (webplay: body, buildings, cold, dead, earth, express, eye, fall, fences, forgot, glance, gold, great, hard, heart, lie, lifeless, means, mirror, myself, perfectly, Philosopher's, sense, set, small, stand, still, supposed, turning, universally, use, walls, water, weight).

  1. Hard mineral substance.
  2. Piece of rock; [fig.] thing which has a characteristic of a rock: unbreakable, inanimate, unfeeling, immovable, lack of consciousness, used to throw at things, used to break things, used in building structures.
  3. Jewel; precious gem.
  4. Grave; sepulcher; crypt; mausoleum; burial vault; [fig.] large stone covering the entrance of Jesus Christ's sepulcher which was removed at the time of his resurrection.
  5. Coffin; casket; solid enclosure holding a dead body.
  6. Headstone; monument marking a grave.
  7. Imaginary substance thought to be able to turn other substances into gold.
  8. Phrase. “[Written / set / stamped] in stone”: unalterable; prescribed by fate; will of God.

stoop (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OE; see steep, adj.]

  1. Condescend; sink to a lower place; descend from dignity.
  2. Bend; descend; lean forward; [personification] bow; defer; make obeisance.
  3. Go down; exemplify humility; [fig.] become human; be born a mortal; [metaphor] atone; accept death; sacrifice oneself; agree to suffer for others.

stooping, adj. [see stoop, v.]

  1. Bent; bowed; crooked; not upright; not standing straight; [fig.] lowly; inferior; subordinate; undignified; afraid to stand up for something.
  2. Curved; arching; lowered; [metaphor] humble; modest; [fig.] droopy; sagging.

stop, n. [see stop, v.]

Interruption; pause; delay.

stop (-ped, -s), v. [OE 'to stop (the ears), to plug, stop up, stuff with tow or oakum'.] (webplay: action, approaches, beginning, best, brain, breath, cease, check, course, crowd, end, fast, filling, ground, knows, lip, looks, motion, move, musical, old, point, practice, road, seamanship, shut, sounds, spice, starts, strange, strings, time, water, way, wells, world).

  1. Extinguish; snuff out; cause to quit; [fig.] take away.
  2. Cease; discontinue; terminate; end.
  3. Halt; desist; abstain; pause in a course of action; abbreviate a movement; [fig.] settle down; take a break; interrupt a journey.
  4. Break down; cease functioning.
  5. Prevent; hinder; forestall; [fig.] mend; bind up.
  6. Phrase. “stop for”: cease activity to accommodate; [ambiguity] retrieve; call upon; pick up; come by for; provide transportation on behalf of.

stopless, adj. [see stop, v.]

  1. Ceaseless; eternal; infinite; unending; undying.
  2. Unstoppable; not restrainable; that which cannot be suppressed.

stop-sensation, n. [see stop, v. and sense, n.]

Shock; paralysis; cognitive overload; overwhelming of the senses; striking reaction to a particular condition; strong impression received by one of the organs of sense; [fig.] feeling of suddenly coming to a halt; [metaphor] lightning; electrical charge.

store (-s), n. [ME < store, v. < OFr 'to build, furnish, stock fortify, restore'.]

  1. Supply; fund; abundance.
  2. Mercantile; business; cooperative; enterprise; place where goods are for sale.

storm, n. [OE; see stir, v.]

Tempest; rainfall; weather front; violent wind.