Definition for FOE

FOE, n. [fo; Sax. fah, from fean, feon, figan, to hate; the participle is used in the other Teutonic dialects. See Fiend.]

  1. An enemy; one who entertains personal enmity, hatred, grudge or malice against another. A man's foes shall be they of his own household. Matth. x.
  2. An enemy in war; one of a nation at war with another, whether he entertains enmity against the opposing nation or not; an adversary. Either three years famine, or three months to be destroyed before thy foes. 1 Chron. xxi.
  3. Foe, like enemy, in the singular, is used to denote an opposing army, or nation at war.
  4. An opponent; an enemy; one who opposes any thing in principle; an ill-wisher; as, a foe to religion; a foe to virtue; a foe to the measures of the administration.

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