Definition for NAME

NAME, n. [Sax. nama; D. naam; G. name; Sw. namn; Dan. navn; Ice. nafn; L. nomen; Gr. ονομα; It. and Port. nome; Sp. nombre; Fr. nom; Pers. nam, namah; Sans. and Hindoo, nama, nom; Malay and Bengalee, namma; Ostiak, nemen. Qu. Heb. נשם.]

  1. That by which a thing is called; the sound or combination of sounds used to express an idea, or any material substance, quality or act; an appellation attached to a thing by customary use, by which it may be vocally distinguished from other things. A name may be attached to an individual only, and is then proper or appropriate, as John, Thomas, London, Paris; or it may be attached to a species, genus or class of things, as sheep, goat, horse, tree, animal, which are called common names, specific or generic.
  2. The letters or characters written or engraved, expressing the sounds by which a person or thing is known and distinguished.
  3. A person. They list with women each degenerate name. Dryden.
  4. Reputation; character; that which is commonly said of a person; as, a good name; a bad name. Clarendon.
  5. Renown; fame; honor; celebrity; eminence; praise; distinction. What men of name resort to him? Shak. But in this sense, the word is often qualified by an epithet; as, a great name; a mighty name.
  6. Remembrance; memory. The Lord shall blot out his name from under heaven. Deut. xxix.
  7. Appearance only; sound only; not reality; as, a friend in name. Rev. iii.
  8. Authority; behalf; part; as, in the name of the people. When a man speaks or acts in the name of another, he does it by their authority or in their behalf, as their representative.
  9. Assumed character of another. Had forged a treason in my patron's name. Dryden.
  10. In Scripture, the name of God signifies his titles, his attributes, his will or purpose, his honor and glory, his word, his grace, his wisdom, power and goodness, his worship or service, or God himself.
  11. Issue; posterity that preserves the name. Deut. xxv.
  12. In grammar, a noun. To call names, to apply opprobrious names; to call by reproachful appellations. Swift. To take the name of God in vain, to swear falsely or profanely, or to use the name of God with levity or contempt. Exod. xx. To know by name, to honor by a particular friendship or familiarity. Exod. xxxiii. Christian name, the name a person receives by baptism, as distinguished from surname.

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