Definition for EX-PAND'

EX-PAND', v.t. [L. expando; ex and pando, to open, spread; It. spandere, to pour out; coinciding with Eng. span, D. span, spannen., Sw. spänna, Dan. spænder. See Ar. بَانَ baina, Class Bn, No. 3. The primary sense is to strain or stretch, and this seems to be the sense of bend, L. pandus.]

  1. To open; to spread; as, a flower expands its leaves.
  2. To spread; to enlarge a surface; to diffuse; as, a stream expands its waters over a plain.
  3. To dilate; to enlarge in bulk; to distend; as, to expand the chest by inspiration; heat expands all bodies; air is expanded by rarefaction.
  4. To enlarge; to extend; as, to expand the sphere of benevolence; to expand the heart or affections.

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