Definition for SOURCE

SOURCE, n. [Fr. source; Arm. sourcenn; either from sourdre or sortir, or the L. surgo. The Italian sorgente is from surgo.]

  1. Properly, the spring or fountain from which a stream of water proceeds, or any collection of water within the earth in or upon its surface, in which a stream originates. This is called also the head of the stream. We call the water of a spring, where it issues from the earth, the source of the stream or rivulet proceeding from it. We say also that springs have their sources in subterranean ponds, lakes, or collections of water. We say also that a large river has its source in a lake. For example, the St. Lawrence has its source in the great lakes of America.
  2. First cause; original; that which gives rise to any thing. This ambition, the love of power and of fame, have been the sources of half the calamities of nations. Intemperance is the source of innumerable evils to individuals.
  3. The first producer; he or that which originates; as Greece, the source of arts. – Waller.

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