Definition for SUC-CEED', or SUC-CEDE'

SUC-CEED', or SUC-CEDE', v.t. [The latter is the more analogical spelling, as in concede, recede. Fr. succeder; It. succedere; Sp. suceder; L. succedo; sub and cedo, to give way, to pass.]

  1. To follow in order; to take the place which another has left; as, the king's eldest son succeeds his father on the throne. John Adams succeeded General Washington in the presidency of the United States. Lewis XVIII. of France has lately deceased, and is succeeded by his brother Charles X.
  2. To follow; to come after; to be subsequent or consequent. Those destructive effects succeeded the curse. – Brown.
  3. To prosper; to make successful. Succeed my wish, and second may design. – Dryden.

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