Definition for SUM'MER

SUM'MER, n.2 [Sax. sumer, sumor; G. and Dan. sommer; D. zomer; Sw. sommar; Ir. samh, the sun, and summer, and samhradh, summer.]

With us, the season of the year comprehended in the months June, July and August; during which time, the sun being north of the equator, shines more directly upon this part of the earth, which, together with the increased length of the days, renders this the hottest period of the year. In latitudes south of the equator, just the opposite takes place, or it is summer there when it is winter here. The entire year is also sometimes divided into summer and winter, the former signifying the warmer and the latter the colder part of the year. Indian Summer, in the United States, a period of warm weather late in autumn, when, it is said, the Indians go hunting to supply themselves with the flesh of wild animals for provisions in the winter.

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