Definition for SUP-PORT

SUP-PORT, v.t. [Fr. supporter; It. sopportare; L. supporto; sub and porto, to carry.]

  1. To bear; to sustain; to uphold; as, a prop or pillar supports a structure; an abutment supports an arch; the stem of a tree supports the branches. Every edifice must have a foundation to support it; a rope or cord supports a weight.
  2. To endure without being overcome; as, to support pain, distress, or misfortunes. This fierce demeanor and his insolence, / The patience of a God could not support. – Dryden.
  3. To bear; to endure; as, to support fatigues or hardships; to support violent exertions. The eye will not support the light of the sun's disk.
  4. To sustain; to keep from fainting or sinking; as, to support the courage or spirits.
  5. To sustain; to act or represent well; as, to support the character of King Lear; to support the part assigned.
  6. To bear; to supply funds for or the means of continuing; as, to support the annual expenses of government.
  7. To sustain; to carry on; as, to support a war or a contest; to support an argument or debate.
  8. To maintain with provisions and the necessary means of living; as, to support a family; to support a son in college to support the ministers of the Gospel.
  9. To maintain; to sustain; to keep from failing; as, support life; to support the strength by nourishment.
  10. To sustain without change or dissolution; as, clay supports an intense heat.
  11. To bear; to keep from sinking; as, water supports ships and other bodies; supports a balloon.
  12. To bear without being exhausted; to be able to pay; as, to support taxes or contributions.
  13. To sustain; to maintain; as, to support good character.
  14. To maintain; to verify; to make good; to substantiate. The testimony is not sufficient to support the charges; the evidence will not support the statements or allegations; the impeachment is well supported by evidence.
  15. To uphold by aid or countenance; as, to support a friend or a party.
  16. To vindicate; to maintain; to defend successfully; to be able to support one's own cause.

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